Batumi, Adjara heart, generous Batumi edge of the sun and an endless sea of lacquer, amazing sunsets and fabulous sunrises, city of smiles, filled with the scent of black coffee and smoke from the barbecue, the fragrance of roses and tart smell of mandarin, giving rise to a riot of colors subtropics look at any time of year.

Batumi In the XIX century, Batumi is famous as an excellent resort with a very mild climate. Here go on holiday representatives of the Russian elite, the health resort visited by poets, writers and artists. At the beginning of the last century, Batumi is central not only in the cultural life of Adjara, but also becomes a political and economic base. This contributes to the geographical position of the port city, which turns into a major transit facility. One of the factors, speaking about the uniqueness of Batumi is his plan, carried out by the Roman principle. City streets lie parallel to each other, dividing it into squares. It’s almost impossible to get lost, street numbering starts from the sea, and perpendicular to it – from the Turkish destinations. Like any subtropical city of Batumi can be called an exotic destination, which can live together magnolia and pine, citrus and boxwood, oleanders and eucalyptus, blue spruce and sycamore. And how beautiful this winter ever green city on the background of snowy mountains! Batumi Batumi is well developed in terms of the transport industry. Here you can get to Batumi by air and by sea, rail or road. Traveling by car, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the relief of Georgia, its natural potential. Great pride is batumchan Seaside Park of Culture and Recreation, or as it is called the city inhabitants – Boulevard. Here guests will find a lot of entertainment: musical fountains, a water park, a Ferris wheel, cozy cafes, attractions, bamboo grove, zoo corner with peacocks and parrots of all kinds. For citizens Boulevard, located across the coastal strip of the city, has become a favorite holiday destination. Individual words deserves admiration Batumi embankment, which offers spectacular views of the entire harbor up to the Verde. If you look at Batumi from the boat, gaze appears landscape, striking the imagination. Modern architecture coastline blends with multicolored buildings that make up the private sector. The old part of the city and today adorn buildings erected over 150 years ago. It perfectly combines European and Oriental architectural styles, giving the city a certain charm and character. Today Batumi – a major tourist center with lots of luxurious hotels and restaurants, infrastructure, preserve the unique Caucasian mentality, breathing love and hospitality.